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Gizmo Design was established in 1999 and provides outstanding service in the Design and Development of various Mechanical Devices. Our specialty is in the area of Mechanical and Industrial Design, developing that Design into a well-constructed SolidWorks CAD model, and bringing that model through to prototype and production. Our customers value our passion; our ability to get the job done right, and make it an engaging, educational and profitable process. High Value.

The emphasis of our site is on showing you what our capabilities are, with a portfolio of what we have done and the markets we serve. As an Engineer and CAD user with over 25 years of experience, we feed on the creative process and enjoy helping our clients create.

I will also include Tips and Tricks for SolidWorks users, example files and links to other sites that will entertain, educate, and help my clients and students improve their skills. Please check this site later as it evolves.
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