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Gizmo Design, LTD


Web news - Gizmo Design and American Ergonomics Automotive Seat Design
Podcast - Automotive Seat Design. Gizmo Design and SolidWorks Corp.
Voyager Aircraft - We Designed and Built firewall panels for Cockpit.
Discovery Channel - Prototype This! Gizmo Design is behind the scenes for CAD.
Matt Lombard - SolidWorks Driver Extrordinaire, and a pretty good Trombone player that can do REALLY GOOD track stands, whilst fishing for Bass...
West County Chain Gang - Adventure rides beyond the globe
Sebastopol - Local Weather
Sierras - Mountain Weather
Hawk Ridge Systems - SolidWorks CAD reseller and Support
SolidWorks eDrawings and DraftSight
IrfanView - Photo touch-up and Screen capture
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